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श्री कृष्णा धाम गौशला

DOON ANIMAL WELFARE KRISHNA DHAM GAUSHALA shelter in DEHRADUN, UTTRAKHAND, is home to more than 200+ disabled, blind, senior and special needs cows, calf, bull and donkeys that are too fragile to be returned to the street. When an animal is too fragile to fend for herself on the street or has been rescued from an abusive situation, she deserves life-long protection and safety, medical care and love. We mostly operate two kinds of works in Gaushala mentioned.


We provide shade to all the animals abandoned to survive or have been neglected by their keeper because they cannot utilize them for their interest. DOON ANIMAL WELFARE KRISHNA DHAM GAUSHALA provides shelter to these animals and implements all the survival means like Food, Water, Space, and Medical checkups to preserve their well-being and make their survival secure.


We afford the rescue and treatment to the animals that met any type of accident or mishap. The animals are then brought to DOON ANIMAL WELFARE KRISHNA DHAM GAUSHALA for further treatment if needed or the animal has no house to go and do not have a guarded survival. We understand that all the lives on the planet are created equally and must be treated with equal honor.


We need your support and contribution. You can contribute to us in any kind of method of contributing in sheltering and treating these animals.


You may contribute in monetary option or via materials & supplies such as food or building materials for Gaushala. You may contribute in either options.


Immediately… Yes, we need it as soon as possible, we are employing all our effort but there is a lot which left to be done.

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